Before Building
and Land Purchase

Before the contracts to purchase the buildings or land are signed all relevant documentation must be sent to the Local Authority.  It is important that all of this documentation is collected and correctly signed to ensure that there are no costly delays. The following is a list of the required documentation:

  • Demonstrate clear title on the land.
  • Unobstructed site access.
  • Proof of access to all necessary services.
  • The Cert of identity.
  • Letter of appointment of all design teams and proof of their capabilities and collateral.
  • Details of Public and Employers liability insurance for all parties.
  • Details of Developers insurance and Contract all risk insurance.
  • Development planning, structure and performance bond details.
  • Proof of compliance with planning permissions.
  • Letter of appointment and insurance of appointed sub-contractors.
  • Official naming of estate process complete.
  • ESB connection agreement.
  • Irish water connection agreement.
  • Proof of payment or otherwise of Local Authorities contributions. Some Local Authorities waive these contributions for social housing developments.
  • Part V Agreement with local authority where relevant.
  • Full set of working drawings and legal drawings.
  • Milestone payment agreement.
  • Detailed building program.
  • Letter from local authority stating the site access is in charge.

This an important stage of the building process and issues regarding missing or incorrect information can lead to long and costly delays. We can organise all of this necessary documentation so you can sign the contract and begin your build.