Choosing a site for a
Social Housing Development

There are a number of aspects which must be considered when choosing a site to develop for social housing. In order to gain both planning permission and approval for your development from an Approved Social Housing Association or Local Authority. 

It is important that your chosen site is zoned for housing and in a high demand area. This will also ensure that your chances of receiving planning permission are much greater once the design satisfies the local authority planners. Part of this process also involves predicting the traffic levels and the possible impact of any development, as this could also influence the planning decision.

Any potential social housing development site must be serviced. This means the site must be ready to build on. It should already have the essential utility connections which are water, electricity and mains sewage. It must also be accessible from a public road. A key element of this is also establishing the local water treatment capacity. Some Irish towns are already at or above capacity which results in medium and large developments being refused due to the limited of capacity.