Building Program

If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.  A key tool in the proper planning and management of a construction project is an accurate and realistic program of works.

The program needs to allow measurement of actual work executed versus estimates. It must be constantly reviewed to adjust to changing circumstances.  It must be well presented and easily understood so that each project participant can clearly identify their responsibilities throughout the project life cycle.

This is also important so that each participant can plan and prepare for their responsibilities and identify how it affects other responsibilities. Where slippages are identified the program will identify if and how resources need to be reallocated to remedy the issue before it becomes a larger and more time-consuming issue.

Financial information must also be incorporated to ensure that the overall financial performance of the project can be monitored accordingly. The overall financial performance of the project and the time the project takes are inextricably linked. The program must be relevant to ensure the key information is easily identifiable at any stage throughout the project.