Delivery Methods

& Build

Approved Housing Associations may choose to work in partnership with an experienced developer to develop and design a social housing association. When the developer produces a plan the Approved Housing Association will then review the cost and design of the proposal and negotiate an all-in project cost.

Here at Social Housing Co. we have years of experience in designing and costing social housing developments to get the authorisation of the Approved Social Housing Associations and we have been involved in numerous negotiations resulting in our clients receiving the highest all in project cost possible.

The agreed cost will be then be used to finance the land, professional fees and construction costs. The Approved Housing Association acquires the land through a land sale contract and simultaneously enters into a building agreement for the construction of the units.

Construction works are financed by way of certified interim payments made under the contract at agreed stages. The procurement and contract management of Design and Build arrangements is more complex, the Approved Housing Association needs to ensure that all projects are completed in accordance with National and European public procurement guidelines and that the scheme is developed fully in accordance with the Capital Works Management Framework. 

This leads to an increased level of paperwork which can be complex and confusing to those who have not undertaken similar projects previously. Social Housing Co. can assist with this as we offer a service which provides for the completion of all the necessary documentation at each stage to ensure you receive your payments.

Mistakes in documentation at any stage can cause delays in both the construction and payments of any social housing development. The payments are staged monthly. The completed works for each given month have to be assessed and evaluated and their value determined. We can complete this for you and submit it to the Approved Quantity surveyor who will then negotiate the final value and your final payment will be delivered within 2 weeks of the final price agreement.

This can be a difficult stage and you can trust SOCIAL HOUSING CO. to ensure you receive the best possible price for your completed works as we are vastly experienced in submitting these monthly valuation reports and negotiating with quantity surveyors.

 We can also assist in the final handover of paperwork upon completion of the project which will save you a considerable amount of time as we utilise our experience to complete them in a more timely and efficient manner.