Naming the Development
& Eircodes

On receiving planning permission and committing to undertaking the development, the development needs an official name. This is a regulated process that involves creating a shortlist of 10 names, with a shortlist of your preferred 3 names. Ideally the name should have some connection to the historic or geographic features of the landscape.

Choosing a name with some contextual relevance to the site is important. There is also a definite preference to use an Irish name. If you have chosen an Irish name it is of vital importance to ensure it is both spelled and phrased correctly. You must also ensure that the name is unique to the area or it will not be approved by the local authority.

On the naming of the proposed development it will be presented to the local authorities and if it is accepted they will issue you with an acceptance letter which officially names the development. Producing this letter of acceptance will be required at various stages throughout the project life cycle.

Considering this, the naming process should be undertaken at an early stage of development. You will not be eligible to connect your development to the ESB network without an official name acceptance letter. Your connection application cannot be submitted without it as you will also need to register the properties giving each of them there own Eircode. 

The process of getting an Eircode cannot begin until your development has been officially named and this process can take up to 6 months. It is recommended to begin the process of gaining an Eircode once each house is at joist level so that you have sufficient time to complete the process and receive the Eircode prior to the projects being completed.

The construction of the units must be well advanced prior to beginning the process of getting an Eircode. The Eircode will also be needed to register the official BER of the units. Delays in this process will ultimately lead to delays in the handover of the development which will result in delays and reductions in the final payment you receive. 

It is also advisable to register the name of the estate with google maps prior to the completion of the development. An official name plate is also required at each entry point of the development. Social Housing Co. can assist you with this stage of the process as we have our own development name generator system which can facilitate in the efficient completion of the procedure.