On Signing Land Sale
and Building Contracts

If you have chosen the staged payment delivery method the Housing association pays in a staged payments delivery method. Developer can then begin works.

Prior to commencement of the project you must submit a commencement notice to the BCMS system. The appointed assigned assessor manages this part of the process. As part of the complete service SOCIAL HOUSING CO. provides, we can provide this assessor service which includes:

  • Setting out the extent of works and the supervision process of the development
  • Documentation signed by assessor, land owner and developers agreeing to carry out all works to the building regulation requirements.

There is also an application process to get the commencement notice fee waived for social housing developments in some local authority areas.

Once this process is complete, not before 14 days from receipt or longer than 28 days after, works can commence. Notification of commencement must be sent to the health and safety authority and this completed through an AF2 FORM. You are legally obligated to display a copy of this notice in a prominent location on your development site.

During the course of the project all of the project participants must meet monthly to monitor the progress, program and quality of works completed and review the health and safety performance. If you have chosen the staged payments delivery methods these monthly meetings also include the valuation of works undertaken on site. The valuation of works is a very important as it ensures the maximum amount of cash flow is achieved each month. The Housing association Clerk of works often has regular inspections throughout each month to monitor the completed works and health and safety.

A very detailed set of working drawings and specifications are critical to the smooth operating of the development. All site works must be executed exactly in accordance with these detailed working drawings and specifications and any additional documentation. This helps to avoid any potential issues arising throughout the various inspections and meetings throughout the project.

The appointment of capable sub-contractors is a major part of managing this. We can ensure that capable sub-contractors are appointed and they carry out the works correctly for you. This will significantly lower your risk of having issues throughout the project that result in costly time delays and additional works being required.