Snag List

A snag list is a report outlining any faults in a new house or apartment, that should be rectified before the sale closes.

People experience all the trials and tribulations of life in their home. Building homes for people makes us, here at SOCIAL HOUSING CO., very proud.

Having a great design to work with is a key starting point. This is why, regardless of who designed it, we will not get involved in the construction of your home if we feel the design is incorrect for you, poorly laid out or an unsightly building. Our design team can work with you to make sure you have a great design starting out.

Before building commences there are lots of decisions to be made and many stages to go through.

Discuss your building options

Once planning permission has been granted, we meet with you and explain the various methods and options available to you in constructing your dream home or commercial building. People are not fully aware that there are different options available to them. It is only after explaining the options, the cost implications and what is involved in each method, that you are fully equipped with the information to make an informed decision.

Selling any property in this climate can be a difficult prospect. You can hit many stumbling blocks along the way, such as legislation and banking, which have become very particular. Even the smallest issue can delay the sale for months, or even years. This can result in the loss of a purchaser and a lot of stress for you, the seller. The only way to approach selling your home is to get the professionals involved and get your property sale ready.

Here at SOCIAL HOUSING CO. our services for sellers can ease the stress involved in property selling. We are a ‘one stop shop’ and can provide all your legal conveyancing needs. Our services range from mapping, to surveying and everything in between.

We will ensure that all the documentation is fully prepared, so when you have a potential purchaser there will be no delay in issuing contracts and closing the sale.

Boundary issues are very common; where the actual boundaries on the ground deviate from the folio map. This can take months to resolve and a sale will not go through until all boundaries are corrected and registered. With years of experience in providing accurate and thorough mapping with associated services, SOCIAL HOUSING CO. have built a strong reputation for the provision of services for property definition and transfer for commercial & residential developments. We use the most up-to-date mapping technology and mapping software.     

Other services we provide to people selling their property include compulsory certificates, as well as optional surveys that will give you an accurate estimate of the value of your property. We will pre-empt the problems and deal with them quickly and cost effectively.

Another issue we regularly see is that properties are advertised and listed at unrealistic prices. This puts off potential buyers from even looking at the property. We can assess your property and give you a realistic sale price.

Certificates and Documentation

We will work with your solicitor to provide all of the necessary certificates needed to be provided as part of a standard contract for sale. We can speedily provide your solicitor with all the information they require to ensure a contract can be issued as soon as you receive firm interest. We are a ‘one stop shop’ and can provide all your legal conveyancing needs. We will work closely with your solicitor to guarantee that every angle is covered to protect your interests and make sure the deal is concluded as quickly as possible.

Boundary Mapping

We will accurately establish your boundary/ Right of Way, by using our surveying equipment, as per your Contract Map/Filed Plan/ Land Registry Folio. We can register all boundaries and rights of way for you.

Selling Land

We can check that the contract sale map accurately reflects the actual position of the boundaries on the ground. We can also confirm the actual area of land and sign a declaration of identity to that effect for your solicitors.


From time to time situations may arise in which you need a site mapped or the boundaries for a site need to be surveyed, mapped and registered. This can be necessary in any of the following situations:

  • as part of the Planning Process
  • to solve a boundary dispute
  • to designate a new site for sale
  • to verify or correct old inadequate mapping
  • to establish a site for inheritance
  • to subdivide a farm to offer collateral to a bank
  • to remove the family home from the remaining landholding
  • to add a field, you bought to the farm folio

With years of experience in providing accurate and thorough mapping with associated services, SOCIAL HOUSING CO. have built a strong reputation for the provision of services for property definition and transfer for commercial & residential developments. 

We use the most up-to-date mapping technology and mapping software.

Our Mapping Services include:

Rights of Way

Do you use a right of way to access your land? Are you aware that under the new Land and Conveyancing Act 2009 that all rights of way have to be registered with the Land Registry or Registry of Deeds? If you have a right of way over another individual’s land, whether by deed or by long use, it is important now to take steps to insure protection of that right.

Under the new Land and Conveyancing Act, which came into effect in December 2009, the rules in respect of rights of way have changed. This act was enacted by the last government to modernise Irish Land Law and gave a three-year grace period in a bid to give people the opportunity to take the necessary steps. This three-year grace period was then extended which means that applicants for registration have until 30th November 2021 to register (instead of 30thNovember 2012 as had been the case prior to the 2011 amending legislation).

Establish Your Existing Boundary

We will accurately establish and define your boundary/ Right of Way on the ground as identified by title deed maps, thereby facilitating clients by objectively interpreting both title deed maps and physically defining the boundaries on site.

Land Subdivision

If you are considering subdividing your land into sites, we can accurately map your land subdivision for registration purposes. We can also advise on the best position for these sites with regard to planning permission.

Property Registration Mapping

Preparation of title maps in accordance with the requirements of the Property Registration Authority – Land Registry

First Registration Mapping for lands or apartments:
• Mapping for the First Registration of existing, previously unregistered, properties
• Mapping for the First Registration of properties recorded in the Registry of Deeds, under Compulsory First Registration legislation
• Anomalies report for transfer of Deed Map to Digital OS map for First Registration

Mapping for Rights of Way / Wayleaves / Appurtenant rights

Plan Scheme Maps

Multi-Storey Scheme Maps

“MUD Maps”

Mapping for the transfer of common areas to management companies as required by the Multi-User Developments (MUD) Act.

Examining Disputed Boundaries / Rights

Objective review of all deeds, documents, maps etc. relating to a disputed boundary, right of way or whatever and preparation of an expert report.

Assistance in resolving boundary issues either through conciliation / arbitration or the courts.

Assistance in the processes required to resolve the dispute from conciliation to arbitration to the courts.

Preparation of maps to accompany a registered boundary agreement to be lodged with the Land Registry

Resolution of Errors in Digital PRA Mapping

Review of mapping used to create a folio with respect to the current Folio Map of said folio.

Liaison with the Property Registration Authority with a view to having the folio mapping, albeit non-conclusive, corrected.

Land Areas

Accurate measurement and certification of lands for sale in rural and urban regions on behalf of the vendor or purchaser.

Declaration of Identity / Affidavit

Certified signing of Declaration of Identity and other legal documents in relation to property matters.

Reconciliation of Historic Record Plans

Objective overlaying of historic deed maps etc. onto current Digital Ordnance Survey mapping for comparison.

Updating old title deed maps of properties to digital format acceptable to the Land Registry.

Expert Witness

We can act as an expert witness for you in the case of a boundary dispute. We can prepare professional reports suitable for use in litigation situations. We are available to attend, and to act as a professional witness at Courts of Law. Sometimes, a Solicitor when advising their Client will require a report prepared by an Engineer or Surveyor. This report will need to be accurate, concise and independent in order to enable the Solicitor or the Counsel to best prepare their Clients case.

We aim to provide an unbiased, professional opinion in our reports. These reports are prepared in a clear and concise manner, and are supported normally with appropriate drawings and photographs.

Valuation for Stamp Duty

We are qualified and experienced in appropriating the value of property for stamp duty purposes. We are a one stop shop providing both mapping services and valuations in the one place saving you time, money and hassle.