Irish Government’s 5 Pillar Plan
for increasing Social Housing

There has never been a better time to start a social housing development. There is a serious shortage of affordable housing in Ireland and the Irish government have committed to increasing the amount of social housing developments to satisfy this urgent need. They have developed a plan consisting of 5 pillars and each of these five pillars can be summarised as follows:

Pillar 1

Address Homelessness and provide early solutions to address the unacceptable level of families in emergency accommodation; deliver inter-agency supports for people who are currently homeless, with a particular emphasis on minimising the incidence of rough sleeping, and enhance State supports to keep people in their own homes.

Pillar 2

Accelerate Social Housing, Increase the level and speed of delivery of social housing and other State supported housing.

Pillar 3

Build More Homes, Increase the output of private housing to meet demand at affordable prices.

Pillar 4

Improve the Rental Sector, Address the obstacles to greater delivery of private rented sector, to improve the supply of units at affordable rent.

Pillar 5

Utilise Existing Housing, Ensure that existing housing stock is utilised to its maximum potential – focusing on measures that use vacant stock to renew urban and rural areas.

Accelerating social housing is a key aim of these five pillars. The Irish government have a target delivery of 47,000 social housing units by the end of 2021 with funding of over 5 billion reserved to meet this goal.