Tender Process
for Sub-Contractors

The tender process of sub-contractor’s phase is imperative to the overall success of your project. A clear understanding of the requirements is vital. We provide a complete and professional tendering process. This involves the preparation of individually tailored tender packages and examining the tenders submitted by the sub-contractors. Our experience and the expert system we have developed allows us to identify the final selection of suitable sub-contractors and providing the recommendations of appointment. A key part of our process is that prior to appointment we identify their capability and their health and safety information. We also ensure their appropriate insurances are up to date.


The process of the proper selection of sub-contractors needs to be managed and the selection of capable appointees is vital to the completion of good quality works in a timely manner, ensuring you receive the best value.

If required we can provide a full tendering process which can include pre-qualification, identification of all sub-contractor responsibilities, tendering, assessing tenders and payments scheduling.

We also provide a legal framework to ensure all sub-contractors understand their legal obligations to the project.

Before the tendering process is complete and all appointees have been identified we will establish that all potential appointees have the required Insurances and that they are up to date with all of the necessary health and safety information.

Once the work has commenced, we will oversee administration of the contract of work to ensure the quality and quantity of work, as specified at the tender process is being met and that payment schedules are adhered to. We safeguard the process so that if any project participants are not adhering to their responsibilities, we can remedy the situation by working to resolve any issues or dismissing any sub-contractors unable to fulfil their duties and appoint any new Sub-contractors if required.

Prior to their finishing we will ensure all ancillary certification guarantees, collateral warranties and any installing information are collected and correct so that final payments can be made and the sub-contractors can be relieved of their duties.

Proper management of this process helps to ensure a successful project and the quality of all completed works.


Creating connections to essential utilities such as ESB, Irish Water, Phone and Broadband can be a difficult and time-consuming process. We can provide a complete service and ensure the information that is required is all compiled and submitted so that the application process is as efficient as possible. Our experience allows us to guarantee the processes are completed faster which will lead to a faster completion of the project and ultimately result in higher profit margins for you.


At all times the quality of works completed, and material used needs to be a central focus of any social housing development. This approach will ultimately lead to happier clients with better units produced and a reduction in long term costs as there will be less defect liability. High standards of delivery will build a better relationship with your client which contributes to better outcomes when difficulties invariably arise throughout the project lifecycle. This in turn sets out a roadmap for repeat projects which will then result in repeated profits for you.

A quality control system needs to be put in place to ensure the works carried out meet the required standards. These systems set out clear accountability and responsibilities for all project participants. The working drawings, technical specifications and a professional tendering process define the type of controls that must be undertaken to ensure the construction works are carried out correctly. They include not only products and materials, but also the execution and completion of the works.

Consistent monitoring throughout the project is also a vital part of this process. We provide a quality control process which includes consistent monitoring of the completed works. This enables the measurement of the quality characteristics of a unit, compares them with the standards required, and analyses the differences between the results obtained and the desired results in order to make decisions which initiate correction of any differences. The inspection of finished products allows you to filter the units before they reach the client, so the features that do not comply with requirements are discarded or repaired.

In order to connect your development to water services, Irish Water require the highest level of quality assurance throughout the process. In order to prove this, you are required to produce a quality assurance folder. Once you have completed your application and Irish Water have issued you with a connection agreement you are required to complete all the associated works to the highest standards. This folder should detail every aspect of the connection from the agreement, materials used and the correspondence, minutes of meetings. The following is a full list of sections required to be included in your quality assurance folder:

  • Connection Agreement, Drawings and Specifications.
  • Grant of Planning
  • Work Programme, Inspection & Test Plan
  • Training Records of Specialist Site Personnel
  • Equipment Certification
  • Material Records including Certification& Specifications
  • As-Constructed Records of Works
  • Testing& Commissioning Records
  • Wayleaves / Land Acquisition
  • Correspondence, Minutes of Meetings, etc.

If you have selected the staged payment delivery method the housing associations will appoint their own clerk of works to monitor the development. The size of project usually dictates their involvement level, but this usually involves weekly visits to the site. The clerk of works will be present at the execution of all major construction elements. We provide a helpful set of extra eyes to ensure the works are completed to the required standard.

An effective quality control plan helps to ensure client satisfaction.