Tendering for a
Building Contractor

If it is a traditional building contractor route you have decided to go for, we will manage the tendering process for you. This involves sending the pricing documentation out to, ideally, five contractors and on return assessing the merits of each tender received.

We go through each tender price to ensure that everything is included in the price and all necessary insurances are in place. After assessing the various tenders, we will make a recommendation to you regarding who we would select. From our experience, it may not be the best option to choose the lowest tender every time. However, it is your home or building and your money, so ultimately it is your decision.

If the tender bid exceeds your budget, we will work with the lowest and second lowest tendering contract to negotiate a revision to the tender to comply with your budget. This can often be achieved through slight adjustments to the building specifications or minor alterations to the scope of the works.

Once we have agreed the price, we firm up on all the minor details to ensure all angles are covered for you and everyone knows their responsibilities.

We then proceed to drawing up a building contract with all timelines and payment structures within. The content covers all eventualities; no matter what happens during the course of the build, the answer is within the contract. This leaves everyone with a clear understanding where they stand.

Tender Pricing Pack

We can put together all the necessary elements for a full tender pricing pack for your business. Everything from working drawings to specific project requirements will be included. Our years of expertise will ensure that nothing is missed.

Tender Negotiation

Once equipped with a detailed set of tender documentation, we can manage the tender process for you. We can send out the tender documentation to the selected contractors and deal with any queries the contractors may have during the tendering process. Once the tender bids come in, we can assess your application to ensure everything is included in the price. If the tender price is over your budget, we can work with the tenders to negotiate a revised tender price. Once you have selected your preferred contractor, we can confirm the details and draw up a building contract. This outlines every detail of your project and everyone’s responsibilities are clearly defined. This stage of your project is very important. If a building contract is in place it ensures that the building phase will be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Construction Supervision

Having a Project Manager or Project Supervisor will allow you to take a step back from the stressful day-to-day running of the project and choose your level of involvement on site. We report back regularly and liaise with you as and when issues or decisions arise. We can manage any project, regardless of the size and scope, so whether you want to turn that green field into your dream home or whether you are extending to suit your growing family you will reap the benefits of a Project Manager.

Stage Payment Certificates

When you engage SOCIAL HOUSING CO. as the Consultant Engineer on your project, we will administer the building contract and undertake periodical site inspections of the building work to check that the works comply with the Building Contract and the Building Regulations. We will issue the Stage Payment Certificates to the financial institution and oversee the Stage Payments are normally made to the Building Contractor at fixed stages during the course of a Building Contract.

Certificates of Compliance

When a property is altered or extended, a certificate of compliance is often required to confirm that the property complies with planning and building regulations.